Creating Sophisticated leather baskets to spice up your interior.

Discover our range of luxury leather baskets, designed to sophisticate your interior. Lucrin offers you a wide color palette to customize your wastebaskets and magazine storage baskets in. Choose bold hues to add a dash of color to your interior or neutral tones to complement your timeless classic taste. These magnificent pieces in genuine leather good will make your interior an authentic extension of your personality.

Waste Baskets

Sleek and refined, these premium leather wastebaskets will evoke elegance in any space. Lucrin proposes different models and sizes to indulge everyone’s quirks and luxuries.

Magazine Baskets

In this age of gadget and gizmos, nothing beats the sensation of leafing through a magazine, nestled in your favourite couch. Store your books and magazines in our practical luxury leather baskets which will blend seamlessly in your room’s aesthetic. Their sumptuous design allows them to double as interior art.

Magazine Racks

A modern twist to old-school magazine racks, signed by Lucrin. A wooden base upholstered with luxury leather - our classy single or double racks will be home to your magazines and important documents. These are ideal for your living space and office!